About Burgess Boys Pet Care Centre

LAUNCHED IN 1979, Burgess Boys Pet Care Centre is celebrating its th anniversary of providing pet owners in Croydon with the best possible care, products and advice for their beloved animals.

Whether it’s birds, small animals, reptiles, fish, cats or dogs are your chosen companion, Burgess Boys can supply everything you need to sustain their well-being. Our 900 sq ft shop boasts an incredibly large storage area downstairs. If we haven’t got what you want, we’ll get it in!

If you’re looking for advice on feeding kittens, the care of ageing rabbits, or ways to stop your new puppy from destroying the house, the Burgess Boys staff are happy to help and provide knowledgeable solutions. All our full-time staff are fully qualified to at least NVQ level and every Wednesday we have a one-hour training session to ensure everyone’s fully informed.

Over the last years we’ve continuously invested in the store, modernising it all the time, so we provide our customer base with all they need for their pets. From live animals through to food and bedding we offer a great selection of all that is best for pets!

Burgess Boys Shop