Our Shop Cats

Our Famous Cats - Jerry


Jerry is elderly now and sadly has lost his sight. He is very familiar with his home surroundings and can navigate around  the shop from memory. He does not like being picked up, but enjoys a gentle stroke. He must be approached carefully so as not to alarm him since he will scratch if frightened.  Jerry spends much of his time asleep in his comfy bed under the shelves on the shop floor. When the weather is good he likes to go out into the back garden and soak up the sunshine in his favourite spot.

Our Famous Cats - Lulu


Lulu is very deceptive with her youthful appearance, she can often be seen running up and down the shop as if she was still a kitten. Believe it or not she is a youthful 16 years of age. A typical cat, she can be very affectionate and enjoys to be stroked, but can end a brief loving relationship with the swipe of a claw. So watch out!!